System Requirement

Training Information for Support Staff

The Electronic Learning Modules (ELM) are required to be viewed by the registrant, however, their support staff is also encouraged to review the ELMs in order to become familiar with electronic filing.


To Receive a Valid CM/ECF Login, all registrants requiring training with the Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California MUST:

To View Modules: Click on the title of the module hyperlink to activate/launch the module. The modules play as streaming video files via the internet. (Note: Print, Complete, Sign and Email the Certificate of Completion with your quizzes)

Electronic Learning Modules (ELMs) For Online Training

For Attorney Users


For Limited Creditor Filers

Please Note: Practice Assignment for Limited Creditors Filers


For Other Professional Filers

Please Note: Practice Assignment for Other Professional Filers - Revised


For Transcribers

Please Note: Practice Assignments for Transcribers
[ Mock Transcript_bk | Mock Transcript_ap ]

Other CM/ECF Modules